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World Cat Day With Hemingway

Today, August 8th (or 08-08) is a very auspicious day, as 8 is considered a lucky number, especially in China, and August 8th is also World Cat Day!!

So, hug your kitties a little closer, give them treats, or if you don’t have your own kitty, there are plenty of resources online for cat news, adoptions, videos, pictures, and squeeing.


In honor of World Cat Day, here’s a mini-tour of the Hemingway House in the Florida Keys, where 40-60 cats have roamed freely since Earnest Hemingway lived there.  The interesting thing about these cats in particular is that they are polydactyl, which means they have more than 5 toes on their paws!

Caturday Massage

It’s Caturday, and the start of a holiday weekend, so take some R &R, pamper yourself, and get a monkey massage… or something of that ilk… :-D

This kitty knows what I’m talking about… happy Caturday everybody!

Kitten Gets New Legs and New Life

For Caturday, here’s a heartwarming article about the kitty with bad legs, and the doctor that wouldn’t give up on him.

Corky the Kitten was born in Fargo, North Dakota with an unfortunate genetic disorder, called bilateral arthrogryposis of the tarsus, where his legs were backwards and overlapping.













He was set to be euthanized, but was given a new lease on life when he was picked up by a local shelter, Cat’s Cradle, at the end of March.  They took him to the Casselton Veterinary Service where Dr. Dan Burchill agreed to operate on the 8-month-old kitten.

After considering all options, Burchill determined he would be able to surgically fix his legs.  Unaware of his condition, Corky was a “happy, healthy, engaging, fun cat who dragged his back legs around,” said Burchill.

“Dr.Burchill is our hero… he customized the surgery for Corky,” said Cat’s Cradle co-founders Gail Ventzke.

Despite requests for adoption, the shelter has decided that after his recovery he will spend the day at the shelter and the evenings at Ventzke’s home.  They hope to have him certified as a therapy pet, to comfort people recovering from surgery.


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