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The Tiniest Badass

Meet the Grasshopper mouse, a badass kung-fu master among rodents, who kills poisonous scorpions, not only with lightning-fast reflexes, but with the ability to turn the scorpion’s venom into a pain-reliever.



Happy Bun(rodent)day (|^_^|)

Unusual Mouse-like Marsupial Discovered

Australian scientists have discovered a new species of marsupial, about the size of a mouse.  The Black-Tailed Antechinus has been found in the high-altitude, wet areas of far southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales.

It is identifiable by a very shaggy coat and an orange-and-brown-colored rump which ends with a black tail.


What makes this animal unusual, is their marathon mating sessions that often prove fatal for the male. They can last for to 14 hours, with both the males and females romping from mate to mate.


“It’s frenetic, there’s no courtship, the males will just grab the females and both will mate promiscuously,” said Andrew Baker, head of the research team from the Queensland University of Technology who made the discovery.


The mating season lasts for several weeks and the males will typically die from their exertions.  Excessive stress hormones in the males that build up during the mating season degrade their body tissue, leading to death. Females have the ability to block the production of the hormone.


The species was found at the highest peak of the World-Heritage listed Gondwana Rainforests, in Springbrook National Park in Queensland, about 900 km (560 miles) north east of Sydney.  The findings about the new species have been published in the science journal Zootaxa.


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Christmas Mouse

Twas three nights before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except this one little mouse….


And just like the cute little mouse in this video, we put up our Christmas Tree today too, and it’s got me in the spirit of the holiday.  I hope everyone is having a joyful festive time.


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The Little Mousey That Could

I’ve decided that Sunday shouldn’t just be Bunday about rabbits, but for all the rodents too.  Rodenday just doesn’t have the same ring as Bunday, but rabbits and rodents are close enough in the animal kingdom, that I think this day should be about all the little furry buck-toothed critters.

So with that, I give you a mouse and his diligent efforts in procuring a giant cracker.


Happy Bunday (|^_^|)

Mice Serenading Mice


We all know mice can squeak, but did you also know that mice can sing?








During courtship, the rodents also communicate in the ultrasonic frequency range, which is beyond human hearing, in order to woo prospective mates with their soothing melodies.

More recently, the researchers began analyzing several audio parameters, including duration, pitch and frequency, of the mating calls of wild-caught house mice. To their surprise, they found that the squeaks are quite complex and contain several features commonly seen in birds, such as variations in duration and frequency.

When they compared the songs with one another, they saw that the vocalizations contained signatures of individuality and kinship. They also found that the songs of siblings were more similar to one anther than the songs of unrelated males.

So, female mice are genetically wired to seek out a male who sings a new and unique song she’s never heard before…… how romantic.  :-)