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Baby Bunnies in Bowls

Here we are, on a Sunday afternoon. I’m ready for a nap. With bunnies. Baby bunnies. Baby bunnies in bowls. I recommend watching this until the end, for despite all odds, they just keep getting cuter.

Thank-you YouTube Channel My BB Bunny for this squeetastic video.


Happy Bunday (|^_^|)


Crazy Times

It’s been ten days since my last blog post. So much is changing and happening. I’ve changed jobs, and have been/will be traveling much more, and I”ll be moving too. Phew! Life is crazy. How crazy is it? Crazy as a rabbit crushing soda cans… with his tongue sticking out.



Happy Bunday (|^_^|)

Rabbit Castle of Hope

Meet Hope, a rabbit who was given a second chance.  In this heartwarming rags-to-riches story, Hope the Bunny escapes near death to be now living hoppily in her cardboard castle of dreams.



Hope was rescued and nursed back to health by Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Foster, Rhode Island, before moving to Massachusetts with Amy, her new owner. She was given her name by rescue workers at a shelter, in the hopes that she would find a happy forever home.


Happy Bunday (|^_^|)