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Giving Thanks… for the Cat Aquarium

It’s been six weeks since my last blog post.  Lately I find that reading and writing about animals makes me sad and lonely for my own cats, who are staying with my parents until I have a home again, and am no longer traveling for work. So, I haven’t been inspired to write anything, until today.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for having wonderful parents, who can and will take care of my kitties while I’m away.  Thank-you, so much.


Not all animals are so lucky.  Some kitties have no home at all, and live out in the wilds.  Come wintertime, the stresses of life can be tough for little feral furries.

Enter: The Cat-Aquarium Man.

This concerned man has built what he is calling a “Cat Aquarium” for Thanksgiving this year.  He wanted strays to have a place to go during the weather, so he built a cat aquarium, mounted against his window so the inside of it was visible from inside the house.  It’s like having his own kitty tv channel! … which his kids love, of course.

While this many cats is probably too much for one person to rescue, providing a safe place for them to stay is a great idea. Let’s just hope that window stays closed… ’cause they’ll scatter… into a chaotic kitty frenzy!

Way to go, Cat Aquarium Man. May you inspire others to build kitty looking boxes into their home windows.  Kitty tv channels for everyone!

Turkey Time for Big Cats

Since most cats love the taste of freshly cooked turkey, its purrfectly fine to gift your kitty with a Thanksgiving treat of a small piece of boneless roast turkey.   However the big cats at Big Cat Rescue are quite another story. Although they go bonkers over turkey just like little cats, they devour their Thanksgiving Day bounty fresh and raw.


















Every year, the 100+ big cats who live at Big Cat Rescue, in Tampa, Florida, (the largest accredited sanctuary in the country dedicated entirely to the welfare of abandoned and abused big cats), get to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in a very big cat style.  On Thanksgiving, staff and specially trained volunteers make their rounds on the 55-acre sanctuary armed with plucked raw turkeys, chickens and Cornish game hens and veggies. For their nutritious Thanksgiving dinner, lucky “kitty” residents get to eat a bird with gusto—bones and all. (Feeding cooked bones to any animals is dangerous as the then fragile bones can splinter and lodge in their throat or digestive tract.)

The cost of feeding this big cat crew doesn’t come cheap, so every year, folks who appreciate and love what Big Cat Rescue do for these amazing cats in their care, help keep this annual tradition going strong by donating turkeys, chickens or game hens, so Big Cat Rescue can make their festive Thanksgiving celebration a huge success.



Big Cat Rescue isn’t the only feline center that gives turkey treats to their big cats for Thanksgiving, below is a picture of a Woodland Park Zoo big cat getting his turkey treat… Om nom nom!


Happy Caturday! ^o_o^

One Special Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Here’s a story about a very special turkey…

“The Thanksgiving turkey officially pardoned by President Obama on Wednesday morning isn’t your run-of- the-mill bird. It’s actually been bred specifically for the purpose.”

“They were talking to them, they were playing music, they were making noise, they had some flash bulbs, bright lights. Just to help prepare them, get them ready for the ceremony that’s going to happen tomorrow at the White House.”

“The turkey and its alternate, said Olson, are the “cream of the crop” chosen for their attractive feathering, muscling, red and blue head coloring and a healthy fanning of feathers when they strut.”