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Saving Turtles at the Chinese Floating Hospital

At Xincun Port, in China’s Hainan province, the world’s only floating sea turtle hospital cares for the state-protected endangered species.

Xincun Port is a floating village where local residents seldom set foot on land, living in wooden cabins set up on rows of fishing rafts.  The turtle hospital was founded by Frederick C. Yeh, a 32-year-old Chinese-American who graduated from medical school at Johns Hopkins University in the United States in 2005.

Planning on becoming a medical doctor, on a trip to his childhood home in Hainan in 2007 Yeh discovered sea turtles were being sold for meat and shells in local markets.

“We have plenty of food that’s available to us, but these animals are endangered, and there are not many left,” Yeh told China’s state-run Xinhua news agency. “If we keep on eating them, eventually they will be extinct.”


Deciding to change his career path, in 2008 Yeh founded Sea Turtle 911, a non-profit organization rescuing turtles across coastal regions in Hainan.  In the past four years, Yeh and a group of volunteers have saved more than 150 turtles, about 100 of which have been released back into the sea.

Currently at the floating hospital, fourteen turtle-patients are being treated, including a Hawksbill turtle that lost one of its limbs, a green turtle with a sunken shell, and many other injured or sick olive ridley sea turtles.

Yeh said,  ”My plan is to stay in China and not go back to the Unites States until I see the end of the sea turtle market,” he said. “I know that it will end at some point; hopefully, it will be the case that people will stop buying and there will be no market.”

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Graffitied Turtle Rescued

A poor Eastern box turtle was graffitied with nail polish in her home state of Virginia.  Luckily for her, she was rescued by the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where it was discovered that she was carrying five eggs.  Now, she lives a cushy life with humans, who care for her, keep her away from watchful predators, and give her daily shell scrubbings, which will hopefully lead to a happy birth for her eggs.


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Tiny Turtle, Big Grudge


This turtle has moxy.  That, or just a grudge against cats.  Watching a tiny turtle bite and scare away a few cats is, number one: hilarious; and number  two: so counterintuitive… I would think it’d be the cats that were doing the terrorizing against a small turtle, but this video proves me wrong.


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Rare Terrapin Released Back Into the Wild

One female Southern River Terrapin, one of the rarest in the world (there are only 200 estimated left in the wild), was found by fisherman in Cambodia.  Instead of selling it on the black market, they gave it to the Wildlife Conservation Society, who fit the terrapin with a satellite tag, which will monitor her movements.  They released the terrapin back into wild, while the whole Cambodian town watched and cheered.