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A Dive with Humpback Whales


A casual scuba trip to Souza Rock, on the central California coast, turned into a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience when two humpback whales breached really really closely to the divers.  My heart skips a beat every time I watch it!


Happy Humpday (^_^)

Close Encounters of the Whale Kind


In the news from Australia this week, a surfer at Bondi Beach, in New South Wales, had a frighteningly close encounter with a humpback whale, which was swimming oddly close to the shoreline.  The surfer was knocked off his surfboard by the whale’s massive tail, and then was knocked unconscious, but suffered no serious injuries.


Sidenote: I love listening to the newscasters’ interesting Australian accents.


Happy Humpday (^_^)

Blue Whale Watching


Tourists to New Zealand got the chance of a lifetime (and took video): a blue whale, the largest known animal to have ever existed on Earth, swimming and breaching right next to their boat.


Happy Humpday  (^_^)

The Largest Pod of the Largest Animal

One year ago in Sri Lanka, after the thirty-year civil war finally ceased, scientists reassessing the ecosystem made a humongous discovery: the largest pod ever found of blue whales- the largest animal to ever exist on Earth.



This mini-documentary may be eleven minutes long, but it’s worth it: I could not stop watching it.  It’s wondrously shot, the people are fascinating, and the views are breathtaking.